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From the heart of nature we provide you with Evan hair oil which is a100% natural. 

There is no secret that more and more people are turning to more natural hair care products. These are products without silicone, parabens, sulphates and synthetic preservatives. In this article, I will explore what are the ingredients mentioned above and how they negatively affect your hair and why it is important to replace them with care products that contain natural ingredients.

Vegetable oils have a very positive effect on hair. In addition, it has a positive effect on the hair root and scalp, protects against UV radiation and other negative environmental influences.

Using hair washing and care products that, instead of silicone, contain natural oils, such as olive oil Jamaican caster oil and coconut will result in you having long-lasting and healthy hair.

Natural and organic ingredients are becoming more prevalent than ever in the beauty industry—and for good reason. The clean beauty revolution is healthier for you and the environment and there are certain ingredients found in nature that are much stronger than anything man-made—so why not delve into using natural hair care products?

Healthier Hair

Chemically enhanced hair products may give you the look and feel that you want here and now, but they are damaging the health of your hair in the long run. Organic products are actually good for your hair. The more you use them, the healthier your hair will get! Would you rather have fabricated beautiful hair or healthy beautiful hair?

Improved Overall Health

Obviously, your overall health is much more important than the health of your hair. When you use hair products containing chemicals, you are exposing your whole body to those chemicals. You can’t rub shampoo in your hair or coat your hair with product without at least some of the product being absorbed into your skin and processed by your body. In a way, you are poisoning your body with small amounts of chemicals on a daily basis. By using organic hair products, you eliminate the unnecessary chemical intake that can be harmful to your body. These products will lead to healthier hair and a healthier body.

There is really no simpler way to put it; products that use chemicals are unhealthy and organic products are healthy. Why would you use a product that introduces potentially harmful chemicals to your body when you could go organic? If you want healthier hair, it is time for you to get out of your old routine and explore the world of organic hair products!


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